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June, 10th, 2016 - Air France Pilots strike June 11th till June 14th

Air France pilots strike during EURO 2016 in France!!! According to latest update on homepage of Air France strike will start tomorrow and will affect short, middle and long distance flights - read more.

April, 24th, 2016 - Workers to strike at several german airports on April 27th

According to Germanys' Trade union verdi, workers are going to strike at on April 27th - several airports will be affected including Germanys' most important airport Frankfurt - read more.

April, 7th, 2016 - Italian air traffic controll plan strike on April 9th

According to Eurocontrol, European Organization for the safety of air navigation, strike of air traffic controllers' in Italy is confirmed for April 9th.    

April, 6th, 2016 - Greek air controll call a strike for today, starting 11 p.m. CET

Air traffic contollers and civil aviation employees strike on Thursday April 7th. Public sector union ADEDY is protesting against planned reforms in the social security and pension system. Starting today 11 p.a. CET no flights...  

September, 28th, 2014 - Air France pilotes end strike!

Even if there is no final aggreemet between the airline and the pilots, Air France pilots have called off a strike that has lasted for two weeks and cost the airline hundreds of millions of euros - read more.  

September, 21st, 2014 - Air France pilotes extend strike!

According to latest news strike of Air France pilots won't end tomorrow, but not before September 26th.  

September, 15th, 2014 - Air France pilotes strike for one week

Today, on Monday September 15th, 2014 pilots of Air France have begun a week-long strike. The French arm of Air France-KLM Group, Europe’s biggest airline, expects to cancel 52% of services on the first day of an action due to run through 22 September. The dispute will cost €20 million (over Rs.150 crore) a day in revenue, it said. Read more which impact the strike has on your travel plans