General Terms and Conditions of Use
 1. Aim

JumpFlight connects you with travellers around the world who want to sell or buy flights. Users of this portal can post and search for flight tickets and contact other users for flight exchange.

2. Registration

For offering flight tickets and contacting other users, a registration is required. The registration ist free of charge. All users completing the registration process must provide us with current, complete and accurate information as prompted by the registration process. We have the right to refuse to grant you an account at our sole discretion. Regardless of whether you register, you agree to the terms of this agreement and are responsible for your posted flights.


3. Post a flight
3.1 In General

The User undertakes to post only reliable data and is responsible for truthful and accurate information. The User must check and assure the legality of the information, data, content and other material and shall assume sole responsibility for accuracy and the legality of the information/data made available for publication. The User has to deactivate his advertisment immediately in case the offer doesn't exist anymore. Furthermore the User is obliged to post only own flights or flight for which powers is delegated to him.

Insofar as third parties, including organs of the state (e.g. prosecuting authorities), assert claims against Jumpflight as a result of the posted information/data respectively advertisment by the User, the User undertakes to exempt Jumpflight fully from these claims (in the amount of the ordered fine or pecuniary penalty ordered in the case of infringement of public regulations) and from the reasonable costs of a legal dispute and legal defence (including costs of legal advice and representation). Jumpflight undertakes not to acknowledge third-party claims of this kind without the User's consent and not to reach any settlement on the matter in question with the third party.

Jumpflight may delete posted information/data respectively advertisements if they violate the rights of third parties.

3.2 Basic offer

The basic offer is free of charge. After being entered to Jumpflight's database the offer can be found on e.g. by using search functions. The User can change, cancel or deactivate his offer at any time. He is not obliged to answer, if an interested user contacts him. If the User does not deactivate before, the offer is deactivated by the system once the date of the offered flight lies in the past.


4. Privacy Policy

The information collected here is strictly confidential and used only for the purpose of selling and buying flight tickets. We do not share data or sell mailing lists. By submitting flight offers you are consenting to share your first and last name with potential buyers. The information collected during user registration will appear only in your profile and will not be visible for other users.

5. Liability

JumpFlight is not a travel agency and does not sell flights. This platform does not intend to be a service of any sort, it is merely a method by which individuals may initiate contact with each other. Users are advised that no checks whatsoever are made against anyone joining the facility either offering or buying flight tickets. Therefore, users should be cautios and make sure that the person or persons that they are arranging a transaction with are reliable. JumpFlight takes no responsibility for any personal or financial consequences, which result from the use of this site. We simply provide a "virtual bill-board" which allows you to submit offers, search for flights and contact other users for exhanging flights.

6. Malpractice

This site may not be used to post or transmit any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, or otherwise objectionable material of any kind. JumpFlight reserves the right to remove any user, which violates these guidelines. Users observing malpractice on our platform are requested to contact us per email.

7. Revocation

All users have a statutory right of withdrawal. Further information.

8. Run-time and Cancellation

All users have at any time right to deactivate their posted offers/flight tickets and cancel registration. For the latter just send us a short mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

9. Applicable law

The laws of Germany shall be applied to the use of this website and/or the subsites. Users of irrevocably consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Stuttgart District Court in all disputes, controversies or differences arising out of and/or relating to this website and/or the subsites.

Terms in German language are decisive.