Resell my flight/ticket - is this possible?

In order to resell your flight -offline or online- you have to check if your ticket is transferable at all. Airlines usually call this process "name change" - but other terms may exist (differs from airline to airline).flugzeug-header

Where do I find information how to resell my ticket?

Usually general rules/conditions if and how a name change is possible can be found within the Terms and Conditions of each airline.

Usually - because there might be special individual rules for your ticket which overlay general rules. Reason can be that you have bougt tickets of a special contingent or a promo ticket.

Therefore it is always important to check both general rules/conditions and existance/terms of individual ticket conditions - if applicable by calling directly your airline.

Transfer of Tickets - Overview of Airline Conditions/Terms

Below you find an overview which shall give you first clues with regard to transferability of flights.
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 Airline Transferability Further information Fees
 Air Berlin depends on tariff class - JustFly is not transferable
- FlyClassic: fees apply and only at current
ticket price
- Flyflex: yes - free of fees
Short & medium distance: 60 €
Long distance (Eco): 120 €
Long distance (Business): 240 €
 Germanwings Yes According to current FAQs of Germanwings
transfer/ name change is generally possible
per person and per booking: 60
plus difference in fare price of new flight
 easyJet Yes According to current FAQs of easyJet
transfer/ name change is generally possible
but according to latest information "booker"
must remain the same.

per passenger, per flight:
21 € respectively 65 € (online),

28 € respectively 70 € (by phone/ at

airport) - depending of remaining time
till flight at date of change

Vueling  Yes According to current FAQs of Vueling
transfer/ name change is generally possible
- Excellent Fare tickets even free of charge

per passenger each way:
50 €
Ryanair Yes   per passenger:
110 € / 160 €
(initial purchase online / initial
at Airport or via Call Center)
Further information how to resell your flight on Jumpflight can be found here

Important! We developed this overview if and how flights respectively tickets can be resold -online or offline- in all conscience. Feedback of Jumpflight users is also included and not checked in every single case. Therefore we make no claim to be complete or accurately. Our overview cannot replace own recherche respectively contacting with your airline. Terms and links can change - as we do not check continuously data can be out-of-date. Furthermore -as described above- individual conditions of your ticket can overlay general terms and conditions.